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eLegere works on a new paradigm for data visualization, user interaction and experience for visual exploring distributed data warehouse and external sources, implementing a more effective use of information, leading to the offering of the appropriate product\services at the right customer\consumer.

eLegere solution:

  • is non-invasive and works regardless of underlying IT infrastructures; actually, it works on top of existing IT infrastructures saving clients from additional investments;
  • integrates internal and external information sources (i.e. internal corporate services or DWH and external ones like Facebook/Linkedin and OpenData standardized sources);
  • manages the streaming of both structured and unstructured data;
  • links services that store real-time information;
  • retrieves, analyzes and organizes intrinsic patterns, which are normally difficult to discover, presenting them through real or abstract interaction features. Such features are built to replicate the human way of interacting, thinking, and making decisions, using an extremely user-friendly interaction;
  • integrates multi-channels information sources;
  • allows the social sharing of exploration analyses and discovered patterns.

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