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startup accelerata - 2018

1ClickFashion è il primo marketplace per il mondo fisico. Utilizza un POS IoT, che sincronizza dati offline e online (prodotti, vendite, fatture, quantità e altro) e offre ai rivenditori fisici una suite di strumenti collaborativi per la trasformazione digitale. Connette negozi, marchi, influencer, clienti e grossisti, all'interno di una piattaforma unica, geolocalizzata e immersiva.

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Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

1clickfashion is the first Artifical Intelligence system which gives, through the payment of a subscription, the opportunity to physical retailers to be online in an easy way and to be in direct contact with users and brand. With a patent pending Pos Device (IoT Box) the traders can automatically align sales and returns, upload and synchronizes data of references on various e-commerce platforms just in 1 click. Our added value is to offer users the combination of online and offline advantages giving also them the possibility to live a real time experience inside the shop through the “augmented reality viewer”.


  1. EASY, you do not need special skills: just connect the device to the PC;
  2. FAST, no waste of time: in one click the system loads and synchronizes data on references within various platforms (for now: 1ClickFashion, owner site, Amazon, Ebay). For example: if a product is purchased on one side, the stocks are automatically updated also on other platforms and in the physical store;
  3. SMART, data coming from these different sources:
    • a) generate insights of value that are difficult to identify otherwise;
    • b) feed automated digital marketing campaigns based on the budget defined by the retailer.

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Paolo Pedrazzi
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