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Alma Tek

startup accelerata - 2019

Una soluzione IoT per valutare la qualità del processo di erogazione della birra nei locali.

Video presentazione

Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

The business idea concerns the commercialization of an integrated solution that, combining an IoT platform and sophisticated algorithms, allows the digitalization of the beer tapping process in public venues (pubs, bars, and other establishments). With limited investment and little alterations to the premises, alma-TEK’s solution can measure in real time the quantity of liquid dispensed through traditional beer taps, collecting the data generated through the process. The collected data, processed and elaborated by alma-TEK, will then be made easily accessible to stakeholders (production, distribution and sales chain) through a proprietary cloud platform.
Digitalizing the tapping of the beer will bring several strategic advantages of primary importance for the entire sales, distribution and production chain, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness in selling to the final consumer. The collection of consumption data and customer purchase preferences will make it possible to define long-term strategies based on real and instantaneous data and not on projections or assumptions, as well as more efficient allocation of resources and specific marketing actions; there will also be a better commercial drive, enhancing non-traditional methods of selling to the public, such as the self-service tapping.

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