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startup accelerata - 2019

Un sistema per monitorare e assistere anziani e studenti nelle residenze per anziani e nei college usando Intelligenza Artificiale e Internet of Things.

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Executive summary

Business idea

BeOn was founded in 2019, it is a startup based on the collaboration with the department of biotechnology of the University of Pavia and a private entrepreneur. The idea behind Univenture, since now, has always been developed by engineers and technicians; this has allowed BeOn to have a quite ready and trained technology but no insight on the commercial opportunity. That is the reason that has incentivized the company to take part in Univenture as it allowed the parts to go deeper into the business sphere and understand the market of the product.
The main idea of this innovative startup is to create a system that will monitor and assist the elderly and the disabled using modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. However, this is a wide range of people and therefore BeOn decided to focus on 2 main subcategories: elderly population and students hosted in colleges. MISSION: Our goal is to improve remote assistance and reduce personnel costs consequently thus the whole system is designed to work autonomously and distribute data on the cloud. Furthermore, our system is designed to be the least invasive possible guaranteeing a possibly more autonomous and independent life.

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