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startup accelerata - 2019

Un nuovo processo di crittografia per offrire ad aziende, governi e dipartimenti di difesa il tipo di sicurezza dei dati necessaria.

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Business idea

Private data is getting increasingly important in our everyday life. As data collection levels are reaching new heights and information is the key to power, also data breaches and theft are on the rise. Bio-Graphy introduces a new encryption process to offer corporations, governments and defense departments the kind of data security that is needed to prevent these damaging actions from happening. Thus, it protects an entity’s most confidential data. It augments the trust of its clients by safely securing their most valuable information and at the same time reducing anticipated cost due to weak data/information protection. Our Vision is to become an internationally competitive and acknowledged new encryption standard for file and folder encryption. The, to our knowledge, worldwide new symmetric encryption process is called PBE (Protein Based Encryption). In a first step, every letter of the alphabet, numbers and symbols are matched with a specific (artificial) amino acid.
For the encryption of a plaintext (message or other data), the “translated” amino acids will build a chain which then can be virtually folded through a computational process into a 3D tertiary protein structure. The folded protein, containing our encrypted information, can be sent to any receiver or be stored in an internal database. Additionally, this process also allows our method to go one step further, since multiple tertiary structures can be combined in one larger quaternary structure. This can be elaborated through an example: a company encrypts a vital business report through our process into a quaternary structure, containing multiple tertiary structures. Each of these tertiary structures contain a specific folder filled with information relating to specific aspects of the business. Storing this information in a quaternary structure allows the company to grant specific employees access to individual parts of the report, keeping the other parts of the report encrypted and safe from exposure.

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