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startup accelerata - 2018

Gustavo porta l'esperienza digitale B2C nell'interazione B2B tra HoReCa e produttori di alimenti di qualità. La piattaforma web consente di connettere i fornitori di HoReCa e F&B snellendo la relazione con ordini e processi di amministrazione semplificati.

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Executive summary

We propose below the business plan designed for Gustavo, an innovative startup that aims to exploit the advantage offered by digitalization to solve the problems present in the interactions between: agri-food producers and the HoReCa sector producer and producer.

The business plan model consists of several points, developed in a complete and detailed way so as to have a clear and uniform view of Gustavo's operations.
  1. Business Idea and competitive advantage: description of the birth of the idea, its past, current and future development. Moreover, in this paragraph it is highlighted why Gustavo is the best proposal compared to the others
  2. Market analysis: this chapter presents the results of market research, carried out through a survey, concerning trends in the Lombardy region, both for suppliers and for HoReCa
  1. Competitors: in this section the competitors on the market are analyzed
  2. Marketing strategy: here the marketing & communication strategy is presented, which will be implemented, both in digital marketing and in traditional marketing
  3. Business model: the operational strategy and the project of how Gustavo intends to create value for the client was included
  4. Action plan: set of objectives that must be achieved
  5. Financials: are exposed the set of costs and revenues that the start-up intends to sustain in the short, medium and long term
  6. MVP and preliminary feedback: the direct meeting with a producer and his client, the subsequent insertion of the products of the first one inside the Gustavo platform, the test of the platform on both sides and finally the final result is explained
  7. Competence and Resources: description of team composition and partnerships.

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Andrea Brignoli
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