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startup accelerata - 2019

Una piattaforma online in cui l'acquirente invia una richiesta a tutti i dettagli di cosa esattamente vorrebbe.

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Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

Which is the current problem? Consumers are demanding increasingly customized solutions, but at the same time, it often takes a long time to find exactly what you want online. We would like to address those consumers who are unsatisfied with today's marketplaces. The solution is ineed: an online platform where the buyer sends a request with all the details of what exactly he would like. Ineed could change the "status quo" by giving customers the opportunity to become proactive in the e-commerce world, thus not having to adapt to the existing offer. Therefore, our value proposition is very simple: buyers can request what they want and we look for the best solution for them. This will save them time and in most cases we will be able to offer them a better solution than they would have found on their own.
We won’t do all this alone We will have a group of sellers registered on our site who will offer their products to buyers. Ineed will be the bridge that will connect consumers with the most suitable sellers for them. From an economic point of view, our main objective is to return from the initial investment at the beginning of the third year of life.

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