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startup accelerata - 2019

Una piattaforma per l’analisi cinetica delle reti metaboliche su scala genomica.

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Business idea

Netabolics is an innovative startup that qualifies as an academic spin-off and operates in the field of bioinformatics. We aim at accelerating the research & development process of Pharma and Biotech by offering a low-cost cloudcomputing platform for the analysis of cellular metabolism. Our proprietary algorithms leverage artificial intelligence to predict the complex behavior of metabolic networks, which include tens of thousands of chemical reactions involving enzymes and metabolic compounds. In particular, we can provide detailed information about how large, genome-scale metabolic networks dynamically respond to various types of perturbations, something that has been impossible thus far.
The lack of breakthrough innovation in this specific field since the development of enzyme kinetic theory more than a hundred years ago is arguably among the reasons explaining why about 90% of clinical trials fail. Netabolics is just born as a business idea, capitalizing ten years of active academic research. We expect to be known in the field by one year from now, which includes having few paying customers (e.g., early adopters) and partnering with one or two non-competitive startup companies operating in the same subject area. By three years, we expect to have acquired a high reputation and tens of highly ranked customers, thanks to the continuous development of our platform. By five years we expect to be the leading company worldwide for the application of artificial intelligence to the kinetic analysis of metabolic networks.

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