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startup accelerata - 2018

PharmaCare è una piattaforma che consente agli infermieri freelance di ricevere offerte di lavoro da pazienti e aziende. Funziona in modo molto semplice: il paziente va in farmacia e richiede il servizio di cui ha bisogno, il farmacista inserisce i dati del paziente attraverso un tablet di Pharmacare e invia la richiesta. La piattaforma invia una notifica a tutti gli infermieri disponibili. L’infemiere accetta la richiesta di lavoro e si reca dal paziente.

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Executive summary

PharmaCare is a start-up which is going to revolutionize the idea of domiciliary assistance: by means of a digital platform it will act as a strong intermediary between patients and freelancers working in the healthcare market. Pharmacare controls all its business operations with new technological tools: pharmacies are provided with a tablet to book job requests on behalf of citizens, whereas another mobile app (iOS and Android native) is addressed to freelancers. Pharmacare creates value to different categories of users:

  • Citizens: it provides a quick, secured and professional domiciliary service.
  • Pharmacies: it boosts their revenue streams, by increasing customers turnovers and fostering their loyalty.
  • Freelancers: it provides new job opportunities with many benefits in terms of flexibility by leaving to their free choice the selection of the available day, time and even type of intervention they are willing to offer.
  • Corporates: it creates new opportunities to expand their business by reducing hiring costs.
Pharmacare operates through different lines of business and it is ready to exploit the full potential of a market which is currently worth nearly 3 billion of euros. A growing network with more than 1500 professionals, strong partnership with giant companies, such as "Regione Lombardia" and a good coverage of the national territory are just some of the key elements that will lead to a disruptive supply of the market.

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Danilo Spanò
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