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startup accelerata - 2019

Sviluppo di reti neurali su piattaforme cloud di computer quantici per creare applicazioni veloci.

Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

Mission: Entangled Software’s mission is to develop neural network algorithms to be made available on quantum computing cloud platforms. Our algorithms solve real-world problems and improve humanity's journey towards a better future through neural network algorithms that make the most out of QC peculiarities. Vision: Despite the power of today's supercomputers, there are many complex computer problems that cannot be addressed by traditional systems. Entangled Software believes that quantum computing has the potential to help solve some of the most complex technical and scientific problems that organizations face. Entangled Software focuses on the fastest way to practical, real-world applications that provide customer value. We are entering an era, or we expect so, of quantum computers and in particular we expect them to be mainstream in 5-10 years. All the major players in the field, (for instance IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel) are focusing on the hardware side of quantum computers. But, so far, there are only very few firms working on software that can work on this computing platform.
We are designing new algorithms that will run on quantum computers under development. What we are creating is a completely new process, that uses the two existing technologies together. In particular, to do that, we show for the first time that the fundamental element of a neural network, an artificial neuron, can be efficiently implemented on one of the quantum processors made available by IBM through its cloud quantum computing platform. This shows that the quantum processor actually offers an exponential advantage over the corresponding classical algorithm.

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