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startup accelerata - 2019

Usare il riso Carnaroli per produrre un sake completamente italiano.

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Executive summary

Business idea

A brand new concept of beverage: RISO SAKE, the first Italian sake, 100 % Carnaroli. This report is meant to explain our business main features. Sake culture started to spread in Europe around 20 years ago and since then the trend of sake consumption has always increased, with Italy as the second largest importer of sake within Europe. Riso company is a first mover targeting a blue ocean, placing itself in competition with Japanese and non-Japanese sake, as well as wine and beer, with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing Italy drinking habits. Sake perfectly lends itself to delicious pairings with Italian cuisine, thanks to its Umami taste. Our sake is made with Carnaroli rice, following the Japanese production methodologies. Our business plan provides for a total outsourcing of the production for the first two years while, as our business is going to grow and consolidate itself, we plan to internalize building our own production facility and start relying on a distributor to keep the logistic lean. Ho.re.ca. is going to be our main distribution channel at first, leaving a minor percentage for retail selling, that we want to grow proportionally year after year.
Our first spokesmen are going to be the restaurants and drinkeries that are going to sell our products, being ambassadors of our vision at the same time. We’ll offer special experiences and tastings, in collaboration with selected stores, together with gourmet street food, without forgetting about social media campaigns. Our MVP is our product itself, which has already been tasted (and loved) by sommeliers and chefs. We reached the incredible goal of placing our entire first batch even before the launch of the product. Exponential growth since day one is our goal. In addition to our main sake products, we are going to make soap bars and skincare products with the zero cost leftovers of our process: sake kasu. We are proud of being a circular business, attentive to the environment and making the most out of every step of our process. The financials documents is where the rubber hits the road: an overview of our costs and investments and how we are going to create value.

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