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startup accelerata - 2018

Etichette smart per il cibo. In grado mostrare il livello di deterioramento del prodotto. Così non sprechiamo cibo, che dall’etichetta appare scaduto, ma in realtà non lo è. Questa è l’idea di Safer.

Video presentazione

Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

Our Business idea is moved by the desire to make a real difference. Realizing how much food waste has an impact on our everyday life, we tried to analyse the main causes of this issue, to take the first steps towards its solution. According to the European Commission the misunderstandings about the meaning of "best before" and "use by" data labels leading to edible foods being thrown away, therefore, it leads to food waste. Our product can solve a part of food waste problem, being a sensor able to demonstrate the correct stage of food spoilage. Our smart label is placed inside meat, fish and milk packaging and reacts with them. VALUE PROPOSITION The principal aim of Safer is to allow everyone to have the confidence in what they eat, protecting people’s right to have fresh food served. Overall, Safer can improve customers life.


  1. EASY, you do not need special skills: just connect the device to the PC;
  2. FAST, no waste of time: in one click the system loads and synchronizes data on references within various platforms (for now: 1ClickFashion, owner site, Amazon, Ebay). For example: if a product is purchased on one side, the stocks are automatically updated also on other platforms and in the physical store;
  3. SMART, data coming from these different sources:
    • a) generate insights of value that are difficult to identify otherwise;
    • b) feed automated digital marketing campaigns based on the budget defined by the retailer.

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