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startup accelerata - 2018

Si tratta di un'applicazione per chi vuole migliorare la lingua in compagnia. Gli utenti caricano la loro abilità linguistica e la lingua che vorrebbero scambiare e incontrano chi ha un’esigenza corrispondente.

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Executive summary

The aim of the present documentation is to draw out the business plan of Talkeeng including a description of the business idea, a market overview, competitive figures and execution process as well as a financial analysis. With the mission to “build an environment to exchange language”, Talkeeng matches and connects native speakers who will help learners to jump into the foreign language environment, get benefit from it and build up an environment for other learners by themselves. After analyzing the market clearly, Talkeeng sees a huge potential in the business idea as well as a challenge in the market. Going along with the logical analysis of the current competitors, Talkeeng’s way of business is to use the weaknesses of its competitors as their own strengths. Besides this Talkeeng will implement new features in the market like topic suggestions for phone calls.
The following chapters describe the actions Talkeeng is taking in order to achieve its target stage by stage. Since the resources are limited at the beginning, Talkeeng tries to be simple and effective. This spirit can be seen in its business model and action plan as well. To accomplish its mission, Talkeeng starts from a small local milestone to achieve a big global milestone later. This document is well-structured in order to share not only the idea, but also the details and clear steps for the business in the next few years. This includes a go to market strategy, fill in the missing value, meet the needs of target users and scale up with a large customers base in a suitable timeline.

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Thi Thien Ly
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