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startup accelerata - 2019

Un "bump intelligente" in grado di recuperare l'energia cinetica dal passaggio in auto, che altrimenti andrebbe perso, e per recuperare energia verde da esso.

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Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Business idea

U-miles is a project born from the initiative of four graduate students from the University of Bergamo, with the aim of entering the energy harvesting market. In this context, they developed a process through which an amount of energy of motion is transformed into power and stored for later usage. The business idea consists of a “smart bump” able to retrieve the kinetic energy from the car passage, that would otherwise be lost, and to retrieve green power from it. Normally, the device can be installed in already existing bumps, as a requalification of them. Alternatively, it can be installed as a flat platform following some excavations.
This is an innovative solution to obtain renewable energy, taking advantage of the high traffic density of certain roads. For instance, urban roads, shopping centers parking lots, service stations, as well as highway exits. Usually, drivers have to slow down when passing through an urban road or when leaving a highway, so they need to use the car’s brakes. The concept behind this placement is that, thanks to the “smart bump” they, not only will be able to reduce the brakes’ usage, but also they will be producing green power by crossing it. For this reason, it can be stated that U-miles is concretely giving a contribution to the development of the CleanTech & Energy sector.

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